3 Reasons why most blogs fail in 2018.

Yo. Life moves fast. Like real damn fast. I started a blog back in 2010 called Unveiled Wellness which was my platform to put my knowledge about holistic health before it became trendy.

But man, that was almost 10 years ago. That is crazy.

I lasted …maybe 6 months. I wrote about 10 blog posts about Monsanto, GMO foods, probiotics, etc etc. I felt so cool.  I had a blog. I didn’t even know you could make money with blogs back then. I just wanted to put my information on the intergalactic web space.

So why am I back? writing blogs?

Because everyone has a story and everyone has a perspective. A few years ago, I became fascinated by the thought of perspective.

This may blow your mind but my number 1 of why most blogs fail is that..

1.) They are too scared to fail.

Blogs are thoughts and bloggers aren’t Doctors in the field of their knowledge. They are regular people putting their thoughts on a blog. But something so spectacular that the successful bloggers do  —they aren’t scared to fail.

Some of the blogs I follow are http://www.neilpatel.com and wellkepwallet.com.

Failure is inevitable in life.

Your adaptation to your failure is what is important. When it comes to blogging in 2018, don’t be scared to fail.


2. Persistence. I don’t need to define this one, but man, this is a life lesson for everyone.

Enjoy the process, enjoy the things you’ll learn BUT mostly learn from them! Each month you are looking at your blog stats and wonder why your views are dipping. Relax, and do your research. Blogging is work, but it is fun work. Learn to enjoy the process. The bloggers that stay persistent in the process are the ones who go viral overnight and they didn’t even expect it.


3. Learn to have fun.

If you aren’t having fun, your readers will know you’re a phony. Blogs need to be authentic and real. Now if you are doing a step by step blog on how to build things it could come off as mechanical if you aren’t applying your own voice to your blog.


Wrap it up!

Don’t be scared to fail. My entire essence in life is to learn from my failures and grow from them. Be persistent and don’t give up. If you are trying your best over and over again, the outcome will happen for you. Lastly, learn to have fun because, without fun, it’s just a job.

Take these 3 lessons and keep them in your toolbox. SEO’s, adwords, marketing and so forth are other tools. Each blog is different and so are your markets. Learn your markets and cater your SEO’s and marketing to your own market. Provide your value and the audience will come.


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