Support Your Friend’s Businesses, No Matter the Cost.

We are typically defined by the people we surround ourselves with. Those people we surround ourselves with are typically: friends or support.

Wouldn’t things be different if all of your friends were more successful than you?

I believe the answer is yes. Not because you or I are a mooch looking for handouts.

But I believe when your friends are more successful than you, it creates motivation and inspiration to become a better business person.

Surrounding yourself with successful people can rub off on you and that’s why you should support them at all cost.

On the other hand, don’t be that friend that ask for discounts on services or free stuff. That is not supporting them, it is holding them back.

Free business doesn’t create business. Maybe in the marketing world, it can create word of mouth, but especially in start up’s made by friends, it is important to help businesses become more profitable.

I have a friend who runs a jet ski service and a small apparel brand with t-shirts and hats. Recently, he made a hat that says “support my business without asking for a discount.”

Business and services have to create value for a customer. By watering it down with discounts, the perceived value is diminished. This doesn’t help anyone.

Have you ever had any idea how those pants with all of the dirt on them sold for $3000? or even Yeezy’s selling for the price they do? It is the perceived value that is created. Trust me, those pants are not any different from pants all Walmart. Those Yeezy’s are basically Adidas Ultraboost with a name tag on them.

Back to my point, supporting your friend’s businesses will create an intrinsic worth for their success. In return, you can succeed by seeing your friends grow and do well. What sounds better? A group of friends with individually owned successful businesses or a group of friends who work for the man for 40k a year. To make matters worse, a group of friends who like to party every weekend and spend their money on drugs. 1_oytuVvzee6vHYFYXhQTDiA

Create a world and friendship with capitalism. Never be the friend who is negative about other’s aspirations and dreams. I have had friends that were negative and criticised my ventures I ended up going through. I failed at most, but maybe what I needed more than anything was support from them. To tell me to push a little harder for better outcomes. I felt like they gave up on me, so I gave up on myself.

In a world full of optimism- Could you imagine, if your friends wanted to start a business and asked you for $200. You declined them because you thought their idea was stupid. They ask someone else and 2 years later pays them back with 20% interest. Not only do you suck a being a friend, you lost a return. If they fail, so be it. At least they tried. Add some zeroes behind that $200 for extra effect.

***I am not advocating on helping those friends who don’t create a business plan and ask for money for a get rich scheme.

Bottom Line: support your friends. You will grow with them, become a stronger friend, and may end up becoming a partner. supportyou


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