The Case for the Technology Age: Part 2

I recently skimmed through a book about how the technological generations are the worst generations to date. to be honest, I was stuck in this mindset too. The more and more I thought about it, the more I noticed technology has helped me excel in business.

An epiphany occurred and I began to realize they are the fastest learning generation out there. We can easily surf the web to learn things that don’t even matter to us.

Spending hours of time doing research or learning ways how to adapt to the new ever-changing technological world should not be view as a bad thing.

It should be viewed as a good thing. Change is good, although a lot of people are nervous of the unknown.

In this world, we have to adapt to the world, especially in business. If you dont, you will be left behind.

Think 10 years back and imagine about all of the ways you can pay for things. Now think to date and think about the ways you have a hard time paying with.

What comes to mind?

Then: Personal Checks and Cash.– Tangible 

Now: Paypal, Venmo, iPhones, Creditcard, etc. -Virtual

So who has the harder time going to places and paying for services? The old or the young guy?

Well, it is all situational on where you are. In a more progressive place such as California, the young guy wins.

In a place like Idaho, the old guy may win. 

Everything has mostly moved to the digital space. Auto bill paying, email alerts for billing (which sometimes offer a discounted rate for paperless billing).  It is important to adapt to these times, no matter the age. Technology will always advance.

So, if you hear these naysayers bashing the new generations, (which have the bad generational characteristics as well) just think how adaptive young people are to change in information. Instead of paying for my expensive cable bill, I am able to purchase subscriptions to things at a fraction of the cost to the things I want to see without the fluff of the others.

My ramble could go on for days about the Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants.

No matter, what issue we are talking about, it is important to adapt to the new age, because resistance will eventually win. 



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