Living Your Best Life

I write this in the airport of Atlanta about to board my flight to Paris.

I recently quit my job so I could do this. My entire life, I have only vacationed twice. Once, when I was too young to remember to North Carolina and another to Chicago that a client bought for me.

But here I am. I spent a lot of my time working like a dog to make another man richer.

Reflecting on that, it makes me want to be an entrepreneur that much more.

I don’t think entrepreneurship is easier than working for someone else, in fact, I think it is harder but Something comes with that.

It’s freedom.

Freedom to make the choice I want.

Not the .03 hours of vacation hours I accrue over my hour of work time. Slaving away to make a week and a half of vacation time a year.

I think owning your own business creates a sense of freedom unlike other jobs. Of course, most small businesses don’t make it.

But if you can survive the hurdles, it can be rewarding. Writing this I feel hypocritical, but yes, I have owned my own businesses and it is true.

The point is not to waste your entire life just getting to 40** grind done. That is working 40 hours a week.

Create something that is passive and primary to make your money work for you so you can experience the things you’ll regret not doing when you retire and don’t have the health.

I apologize for being MIA for a while as I haven’t touched my computer in a week or so. A rewarding break as I type this on my phone. To the people that I ran into in my hometown and told me you read my posts, thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to have an impact on you and taking the time to read my thoughts.


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