Will Smith on His 3 tips for Failure. (Motivational Video)

Will Smith knows failure.

If you don’t know who Will Smith is, you have been living under a rock and probably have never come in contact with a T.V. Will Smith has an amazing career in the entertainment business for the past 30 years.

I absolutely love when celebrities who seem like they have perfect lives come out and talk about struggle. The humility that it takes to admit to a large social following about your struggles is defining. Especially for Will Smith who is always doing it.

He says, “failure is a massive part of being able to be successful.”

Successful people fail way more often than less successful people. Taking chances and understanding the lessons from failure is such an important growth factor. Failure is like steroids for success. I challenge you to name one successful person who has made it through life without failing miserably at something.

Will Smith gives us three main points to know.

1. Failing Fast

2. Fail Often

3. Fail Forward

Have you tried failing lately?

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