My 2018 In Review: How to Avoid My Blog Failures

When I started writing this blog, it was to empower others through my thoughts on business, leadership, and life.

Looking back to my first blog, I wrote about why blogs fail in 2018.

In retrospect, do I feel that I accomplished what I wanted to on this blog. I would say no. I think I didn’t post enough. I need more content. Life got in the way. That’s ok.

The main point of this blog was to learn something new and to bring others along with me. It is my failure for the return of success.

I applaud all of you if you have read my blogs and thoughts. I applaud you again if you felt like it was helpful.

This year, I accomplished so many things!

I also failed at a lot of them as well.

With the mentality goes… my failure helped my success.

Have you reflected on your 2018 year and planned ahead for next year?

Next year, I want to read more books. Open another business, travel to a new country, and go back to school.

Live on!


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