Can Ancient Philosophy Help You Become A Better Leader For Today?

Can Ancient philosophy help you become a better leader in today’s ever-changing business world? Most people think that philosophy is for old people with mustaches smoking tobacco out of a pipe. I am here to tell you that philosophy is not dead. First, let’s define philosophy. Philo means to love and Sophos means wisdom. Putting it all together it means the love for wisdom. Now, do you still think you dont need philosophy? Although this beautiful subject emcompasses so many different theories, mindsets, and studies, it is treamendously helpful for you.

Fields of Philosophy

Fields of Philosophy
Fields of philosophy include Aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, education, history, language, math, science, religion and much more. Do you see any field that you believe belongs in the business world? Of course, you do.. This is because most business is based on ethics, at least, hopefully…

Ethics is the concept of right or wrong conduct and there are several branches of ethics.

Types of Ethics

Descriptive Ethics- What does humanity even think is right?
Normative Ethics- How do people act?
Applied Ethics- How do we put moral knowledge into practice?
Meta-Ethics- Does right even have a meaning? and if so, what is it?

Because diving into Ethics deep would take you all day to read, I have attached an audible book that will help you understand Ethics better.

There’s an awesome company out there that combines Coffee and Philosophy and they are dedicated to helping teach the masses about philosophy and how it can change your life. It’s called PhilosoCoffee and they make fresh roasted to order coffee. ((disclaimer: I founded this 🙂 ))
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I guess you could say, that I am applying philosophy to my business model.

By adding value to my consumers by creating a think space for my audience to have a space to learn more about philosophy in which I give out for free. Although, I am no expert a philosophy, I add my personal touch to each post to make it authentic. In return, my brand will build and my audience becomes my customers.

“A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.” -Albert Camus

Business Ethics

Business Ethics
Business ethics reflects the philosophy of business, which tries to establish the direction of the company. Getting back to ethics, it establishes the rules and standards a company sticks with. We have seen when companies fail to follow these standards as they conduct insider trading, fraud, tax evasion, shorting stocks, and bad business standards.

Ethics helps businesses keep themselves in line. I will not cheat, I will not steal, and I will not lie. Sometimes these ethics get hazy when organizations began to grow larger and money becomes the main focus. Once giving value through a product or service goes out the door and money is the main focus, bad things are waiting.

Leadership Ethics

Leadership Ethics
By having an ethical standard when it comes to leadership will help you gain trust from your followers. How many businesses out there are scandalous and you lose trust in them? They didn’t stick to their code of ethics and therefore, you went somewhere else. In business, it is important to stick to your code of ethics if you want to be the leader in the industry.


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