Should you go to college?

Is it worth it to go to college? Ive been asking this to myself over the years as I attended college. The double edged sword could teach us something. Although, I don’t agree with the inflating prices of college, some good may come out of it from a principles stand point. 50 and 60 years ago, college seemed to be affordable, but as inflation of the US dollar seems to increase year after year the dollar is devalued and tuition prices rise with it while wages stay the same.

One thing I learned over the years, is that free college is never free. Heres the thing, once the government decides to provide free tuition to students, the university charges the government and since the government will typically pay for anything no matter the price, the university decides to raise the prices of college to be in tune with the tuition price they charge the government. This leads us in a full circle.

As someone who has attended school for most of my life and has reached the top of my academic career, I think its worth it.

College teaches you about commitment. A majority of my young readers probably haven’t committed to anything for more than 4 years. This is not a bad thing as commitment is good and commitment simply takes time.

College teaches you about balance. How does one balance a job, family, life, and school. You start to figure it out which conditions us to balance other things throughout our lives.

College teaches you about saving (although colleges can overcharge.)

College helps you network. I met most of my life long friends while in my undergraduate. I was always told that the highschool friends will simply go away and your best friends will come during your undergraduate stage of your life and that still stands true.

Just some thoughts…


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