The Life of Balance and Why It Can Tear You Apart.

My life is hectic. But I am sure yours is too.

How does one quantify that? How hectic, one’s life is? Does school and work equally balance someone else’s’ party life? Or if they travel the world while someone else is writing their own book?

In this world, how do we measure whats more important compared to one another?

is it success or experiences? is it having a family or money?

How do I measure how crazy my life is to yours?

Maybe we cant. But I will tell you, that balance is the key to it all.

Does your leisure time balance your work time? A lot of successful people talk about having a job that doesn’t feel like a job.

I can assure you they aren’t like everyone else in the crazy world. They may have worked hard to get where they are but at some point, things changed for them.

I question things like this on the daily.

How do we find the balance of the yin and yang to our lives?

Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang Symbol

They are two different paradoxes and dual polarity.

The dark side of the symbol brightened with a circle of bright while the other bright side has a circle of darkness. The everlasting symbol that nothing is perfect and that failure has a good side to it.

The balance of life goes something like this. With a life full of darkness and bad decisions, you can always feed the good side.

On the other hand, with a life full of brightness/success, you can be consumed by darkness.

When success starts coming at you, it is easy to let the bad things start to slip into your life. Think of the countless movie stars that get in trouble with drinking and driving, drugs, affairs, etc. These are normal people living unordinary lives, but I use them as an example of how quick success can lead to demise.

Looking at failure and how success can grow out of it is my favorite topic. There are countless influencers out there that are doing this. My all-time favorite is GARY VEE.

I have been in some dark places in my life as I am sure everyone has. It is understanding the light in the darkness and how to live in it. On the flip of the yin-yang paradox, don’t let the darkness take over your light.

Learn to balance everything you do.



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